Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: Why Some Fans Think They May Be Naming Their Daughter Poppy

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Some of Meghan Markle’s fans think she was name-signaling her unborn daughter’s moniker thanks to her wardrobe choice during ‘Vax Live.’

Based on Meghan Markle‘s dress that she wore during her video appearance on the Vax Live special, fans are guessing that she might be tipping them off to a name she and Prince Harry, 36, have selected for their unborn daughter. Her $1,690 red Carolina Herrera dress featured pink poppy prints, thus some Sussex fans are thinking the couple has decided to name their daughter “Poppy.”

One fan account wrote, “During the broadcast, Meghan was seen wearing an absolutely gorgeous @carolinaherrera tie-waist shirt dress, covered in … poppies. POPPY!?!!! What do we think?!! I’ve always loved the name and think it could be a perfect fit — given the backstory of the distinctive red flower.” In Britain, poppies are a symbol of support for Armed Forces community, of which Harry was once a part of. He served two tours of Afghanistan and rose to the rank of Captain in the British Army.

Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle wears a red dress with pink poppy prints during the ‘Vax Live’ TV special. Photo credit: Global Citizen.

Another user thought that the poppies on the dress were an “Easter egg” about their daughter’s name:

Being a taylor swift fan has made me look for clues in simple thing in life.

Aka- i hope Meghan names the new princess Poppy and this was an easter egg 🤣🤣

— Cassi Lynn 🌸 (@UnicornsandGin) May 10, 2021

Other fans  thought that the poppies were a shout-out to Harry and Meghan leaving their royal life in the U.K. for one of “finding freedom” in California:

It just occurred to me that Meghan's POPPY DRESS gave a HUGE nod to where she and Harry are. CALIFORNIA!
She wore the CALIFORNIA POPPY. When she married H she had CW flowers + poppies embroidered in her veil & the Q allowed the RF minions to chase her away. CALIFORNIA BABY!!

— Princess Meghan Duchess of Success!🥑 (@809Matriarch) May 11, 2021

Meghan wore a dress with California poppies on it tonight. She was sending a message to me, and you can’t convince me otherwise. 🥰 #meghanmarkle #meghan #HarryandMeghan #PrinceHarry #vaxlive

— Poppy (@GoldenyPoppy) May 9, 2021

So the golden poppy is the official state flower of Cali, but I'd like to think Meghan Markle is reppin' & showing some #californialove to her home state by wearing that poppy dress. #vaxlive

— SierraBo22 (@SierraBo22) May 9, 2021

Another fan thought that the poppies were a way of shading the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth. Her majesty noted in a Feb. 19 statement about Harry and Meghan stepping down from the BRF permanently, “Following conversations with The Duke, The Queen has written confirming that in stepping away from the work of The Royal Family it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service,” the palace statement said.

The couple then released their own statement where they said the would continue to do good works and that, “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.” A user named Grace pointed that out in a tweet reading, “Meghan wore the poppy dress by Caroline Herrera, in remembrance to all those people, who lost there lives this past year. SERVICE IS UNIVERSAL!”

Meghan wore the poppy dress by Caroline Herrera, in rememberance to all those people, who lost there lives this past year.

— Grace K. Yancy (@Amazegky211) May 10, 2021

Harry and Meghan’s baby daughter is due to arrive in early summer, so fans will have to wait until then to see if their guesses are correct about “Poppy” becoming the little girl’s name. The couple are already parents to a son Archie, who just turned two. Harry and Meghan first revealed that they are expecting a daughter during their bombshell Mar. 7 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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