This Viral Video Of A Young Asian Girl Crying About Her Language Is Generating An Important Conversation On TikTok

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Leanne added, "I think what non-POC don't understand is the shame that one can feel, or the shame that one can be subjected to, if that person does not speak their 'native' language. In my opinion, native tongue doesn't always necessarily mean your heritage, or even the language you were exposed to at an early age. I would argue that native tongue means the language that you most identified with internally and externally. To me, it's what you're most comfortable speaking and what you use most of the time. That would be English for me. My biggest struggle, growing up as a second-generation POC, is that I felt I was never 'Canadian' enough, but I also never 'Chinese' enough. I'd have pressure from both sides and I felt as though I almost had to 'pick' a side. The non-POC kids would tease me for being Chinese and the fluent, Chinese-speaking relatives would shame me for not being able to speak the language."

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